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Originally established as an eyelash specialist studio, our beauty clinic has evolved to cater to all facial needs, offering bespoke facials utilising the latest technology and education. Beyond our advanced treatments, we are also a renowned accredited beauty academy, providing a variety of courses to students across the UK. Join us to experience the highest standards in both beauty services and education.

Welcome to Affinity Beauty Clinic


Founder & Head Tutor

Founded by Rebekah in 2018 originally as 'Affinity Lash Co', we quickly rose to prominence as an award-winning lash artist and establishment.  With an unwavering commitment to learning and a fervent desire to enhance her expertise, Rebekah consistently endeavours to elevate her skills as a practitioner in the industry which led her to discover her passion for advanced facials.

Over the last few years, Rebekah has crafted a specialised team dedicated to tailoring beauty services to each clients unique needs.


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Book a Treatment

Looking for a professional and reputable beauty clinic?

Look no further than Affinity Beauty Clinic. Our team of highly trained therapists are experts in the latest beauty techniques, ensuring desired results every time. Book an appointment today!

Our Academy

Thinking about joining the beauty industry or would like to expand your skill set? 

We have a variety of online and in person beauty courses tailored to all learning styles and capabilities.



Completed my classic lash training with Affinity Beautician Academy and I had the best experience 1-1 with Rebekah.
She's an amazing teacher and lash tech. She provided me with an amazing kit and also the support she provides for her students after the training is the best. So happy I trained with her!


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