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How to network in Isolation

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

The beauty community is an ever growing and ever changing industry. I am so blessed to have discovered such a range of talented business women to interact with over lockdown. Networking is completely priceless, and so valuable to building your knowledge and growing your brand. Who doesn’t want t to have a chit chat about a shared passion, whilst also gaining amazing advice and brainstorming new ideas? If, like me in the beginning, you are struggling to branch out and discover other female owned businesses and brands, follow these steps and you will organically network with a diverse range of AMAZING individuals...

  1. FOLLOW PEOPLE - it sounds self explanatory but many people forget to follow others that give you inspiration. Don’t be afraid to pop the accounts a message either! Introduce yourself, chat about something you love. They are real people just like you. ( with that been said never be afraid to pop me a message at @hirstlashes!)

  2. JOIN FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUPS - these communities are fabulous places to chat all things beauty, learn new things and ask questions. The feedback and advice in these groups are so helpful and informative and really worth getting involved with. ( some brilliant ones are “Team lash base” and “the lash tea”)

  3. ENGAGE WITH YOUR EXPLORE PAGE - use your explore page to your advantage, scroll through every night and look for accounts similar to you, double tap that picture you love, comment on someone’s work giving them that boost they might need ; it’s nice to be nice!

  4. START AN ENGAGEMENT GROUP - create your own little community, team up with other like minded bosses and create an environment where you support each-other via social media and can chat and share new things. I appreciate all the amazing engagement groups I have joined and love chatting to all the different babes in there! They are all so helpful and knowledgeable and such a positive atmosphere!

  5. NEVER BE AFRAID TO NETWORK IN PERSON - due to social distancing this can be quite difficult at the moment. But never be afraid to share your social media or contact info with others (within reason). And never underestimate the power of business cards & word of mouth. That girl you are chatting too whilst getting your nails done at the salon, give her a business card, make a new friend on a night out, business card, that lady that works in your local post office always gives you a compliment and says hello, business card! Such a simple way for others to be at ease when contacting you, and gives them a reminder of your work whenever they open their purse and see your card!

  6. USE HASHTAGS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - use hashtags such as #girlboss and #femaleowned to discover other like minded individuals and spread the positive vibes, follow, like, share. Never be afraid to engage.

Because networking and uplifting other women is so important to me, I am so pleased to announce the NEW feature of my page #hirstlasheswomenweds. Women’s Wednesday will be a universal day of support over on my @hirstlashes Instagram for all female content creators, bloggers, businesses, artists (etc) who want to network with other talented #girlbosses. Want to get involved? Turn on post notifications to stay up to date with the weekly opportunity to have your #girlboss content shared... Have your chance to nominate your fave #femaleowned account / #girlboss for #girlbossweekly .... Enter your work using #hirstlasheswomenweds for the chance to win #girlbossofthemonth & a feature on my website (relaunching soon) All #hirstlasheswomenweds shares, #girlbossweekly winners & #girlbossofthemonth will be featured permanently on my #womenweds highlight so make sure to stay up to date. Let’s empower others and uplift our #femaleowned community. Empowered women, empower women.

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