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How to start your lash brand 101 by the CEO of Greekbutterflybeauty

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Unsure of how to find manufacturers, the right products and create your own lash brand? Read our top tips to bring your idea to life.

Written by Vanessa Manufacturer research 

Google and Instagram are truly your best friends. Finding a manufacturer could not be easier; using key words such as “lash factory” and “private lash label” this will showcase a wide range of companies. Most lash factories are based in China and Korea, some accessories made in Pakistan plus, a few based in Europe. When contacting manufacturers the main things to ask for are; 

  • A clear product catalog showing wholesale prices

  • General shipping process

  • MOQ (minimum order quantity), if not already shown in the catalog

If there is anything you’ve seen outside of the catalog, send them a photo/video as they may be able to source it for you.  Sampling / testing products 

You can never have too many samples! Many companies offer free or wholesale priced samples (plus shipping). This can end up quite costly depending on how many samples you choose however, quality is everything. Firstly, when you receive the lash samples, here are the main things to test for;

  • Are they true in colour?

  • Are they easy to remove from the strip?

  • Are the curls consistent?

  • Are they flexible?

  • Do the volume lashes fan easily?

  • Do the easy fan lashes have a minimal bond at the base?

  • Do the lashes kink or bend when you press / squeeze the lashes between your fingers?

Secondly, once you’ve chosen which lashes you’d like to test out further - use them on your clients. When your client returns for their infill appointment check for durability;

  • Have the lashes held their curl?

  • Are the lashes kinked or bent?

Chosen Manufacturer

Once you find the lashes which work for you and your clients, contact the chosen manufacturer to begin the process!

  1. Choose the style of tray / box

  2. Send your logo, text or designs you wish to include

  3. Choose the lengths you’d like to offer, as all labels (the ones you see inside the trays) will be printed in one go with a MOQ

  4. Confirm all artwork and packaging design

  5. Lastly, order your chosen lash styles, curls, lengths and diameters (this part of course can be changed with each order)

Don’t forget to gain your manufacturers trust - this will allow you to negotiate prices for future orders. *All of the above are based on a standard process. Further customisations, testing and ordering process can be agreed between you and the manufacturer.

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