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Why lashes aren't the only thing you should be isolating

With the COVID-19 on our minds and lots of time to spare, we should all be practicing our craft. Do you remember when you first started lashes? I'm sure most of us had sat there at least once with a mannequin head practicing isolating every lash without using too much glue or without the lashes sticking to each other!

For me, I remember sitting with the mannequin head after practicing nearly everyday for a few weeks thinking 'wow I'm starting to get the hang of this, this is becoming easy' until I got my first client whose eyes twitched, watered and just simply could not keep still!

I swear I could have gave up half way through that set. However, with persistence and practice, soon my sets became more and more consistent.

I had managed to 1, stop sticking lashes together and 2, stop sticking the top lashes to the bottom lashes! For me, this was a huge achievement however, I would not have been able to improve so quickly without the time and effort I put into practicing.

Therefore, here are some tips to help you practice isolation of lashes while in self isolation!

If using a sponge, place classic lashes along the edge of the sponge quite close together (as seen in the first picture above). It doesn't need to be neat as you need to mimic what real eyelashes are like. This will allow you to apply fans or classic lashes on top of the lashes you placed on the sponge.

Signs you are using too much glue is if the glue is visible on the sponge. This means that when it comes to application on a person, the eye is more likely to get stuck together because too much glue has been used. It also means that lashes may clump together which, can lead to premature lash loss.

As for a mannequin, my best tip would be to double up the training lashes. This makes it more realistic to a persons eyelashes as often real eyelashes have a multiple layers to them and therefore, when you're practicing, you'll become accustomed to isolating multiple layered lashes.

Try to not give up and get frustrated and try to ensure every applied lash is going in the correct direction. This will not only allow the sets to look neater but will also avoid any painful pulling of lashes for the client.

Please in this time make sure you're keeping safe and inside and use this time to perfect your craft so that when we all get released from isolation, we are all ready to create some mind-blowing sets.

Picture credit to Fabupro academy

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